Providing home staging services for over 15 years


Staging Consultation — Occupied

We spend 1 - 2 hours touring your home, recommending furniture and accessory arrangements to create the best appeal. Color choice and resources for completing the work are included.  


Home Staging for Selling — Occupied

We know how to best present your home to prospective buyers and maximize your equity. Using existing furnishings and accessories, we can enhance your home's strengths and downplay the weaknesses. Rental furnishings are also available from our inventory at a very reasonable cost. We will do as much as possible within your budget.


Home Staging — Vacant

We use furnishings from Sorted Affairs' extensive inventory to create the right ambiance for potential buyers. Adding furniture and accessories, artwork and rugs will give the space a warm feel and allow buyers to imagine living in the home.


Interior Redesign

You don't have to wait to put your home on the market to create a new look. We can take the furnishings you have, add some new accessories and give your home a "houselift". This can take as little as one day and you will enjoy your new surroundings without the hassle of moving.


Color Consultation

Paint color makes a dramatic impact on how you feel in your home and how comfortable visitors are. Adding the best color is a powerful tool and is the least expensive way to give your home personality and warmth. We can help you choose colors with confidence to make your house a WOW.


Relocation Coordination

Moving is stressful. We'll support you in a variety of ways. We can help you create a manageable schedule of tasks, help determine items to be sold or given away, and source packing materials, storage and movers.


New Home Set-up

Where should all that stuff go? Unpacking can be overwhelming. We can unpack your boxes and set up your home to feel like you already live there! Sorted Affairs Designers will help make the most of your space so your new home will look great and work well.